Our members learn new songs using various methods. Traditionally, Barbershoppers learned from reading the sheet music or from listening to the guy next to him. More recently learning tracks have been available where each track has the specific part, such as Bari, where the part is recorded on one side of the sound balance and the other three parts on the other side. With this tool the part can be emphasized during the early stages of learning and then as confidence builds, the specific part can be turned down (left or right) and eventually, you sing with just the other three parts. The "Mix" is where all four parts are singing as in a normal performance. Since many of the RCC members are not formally trained to read music, the advent of learning tracks is a wonderful learning tool. Of course, it is not the same as singing with a real quartet, but it is great for learning new songs.

Below is a sample of the sheet music and learning tracks. The song is America the Beautiful that demonstrates the tracks and the harmonies generated with four parts.

Try it and see how it works. 

Sheet Music


Full Mix Track

Full Mix

Bari Predominant Track


Bass Predominant Track


Lead Predominant Track


Tenor Predominant Track