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Backstretch  is the newest quartet from within the ranks of the Racing City Chorus. All the Backstretch members were also dual members of the now inactive Mohawk Valley, NY “Upstate Harmonizers Chorus.” In July 2017 the Upstate Harmonizers were competing at the International level in Las Vegas. While backstage waiting to perform, Pete, Gary, Bill and Lou informally sang a couple of songs together and liked the sound. But it wasn’t until January of 2018 that they officially formed Backstretch and started rehearsing.   Even though they were a novice quartet, they won the NED Mountain Division Quartet Contest in May 2018. Backstretch continues to build its repertoire of ballads, uptunes and holiday songs.



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  • Tenor - Pete Wilson

  • Lead - Gary Glidden

  • Bass - Bill Schutz

  • Baritone - Lou Fisher

For more information about hiring Backstretch for your event, please contact Lou Fisher. 


Contact:  Lou Fisher                                  

                  phone: 518-306-4667

                 cell: 518-461-8943


Pete Wilson - Tenor -  Pete Is the youngest (and fattest ) member of Backstretch. He joined the Racing City Chorus in 1976. He has been singing in his Presbyterian Church Choirs since the 1960's. Peter spent most of the 1970's & 1980's acting and singing in stage plays. The last few decades Peter has been working at the Albany County Jail, from which he recently retired. Peter is divorced with 2 grown children. 

Gary Glidden - Lead -     Gary was five years old when he first performed on the radio singing a promotional for the new Disney film ‘Song of the South.’ He pursued music education in his school years and in 1962 he joined ‘Sandy Hill’ Hudson Falls NY chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, in 1965 he transferred his membership to the Saratoga Spring NY chapter. In his fifty-eight years of BHS membership he has been in four championship quartets, toured Europe, sung in two championship choruses, Saratoga Springs “Racing City Chorus” and Mohawk Valley “Upstate Harmonizers,” and is currently Assistant Director of The Saratoga Springs NY Racing City Chorus and choir director of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church South Glens Falls NY.

Bill Schutz - Bass - Bill has been involved in both instrumental and vocal music for over 60 years. He has been singing Barbershop for over 20 years, having sung with Pittsfield, Uncle Sam, and the Racing City choruses. He has been on the international stage 3 times with the Upstate Harmonizers. Has sung in quartets both as a baritone and a bass. He has previously sung with an entertainment quartet, called " The Dented Fenders", which had past Northeast District champion singers as part of the quartet. Bill is a retired school teacher.

Lou Fisher - Baritone - Lou is the "rookie" of the quartet having been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society only since 2008, but he likes to say that he sings the most important part - baritone. In the years he has been singing Barbershop, he has also been a dual member of the Mohawk Valley, NY "Upstate Harmonizers" (competing on the International stage five times) and the Fort Wayne, IN "Summit City Chorus". Lou also sings in the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church choir (Clifton Park, NY) who recently performed in Carnegie Hall.  He is a retired international reinsurance executive who lives in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Lou is an attorney and a CPA, qualifying him to count out the beats as the quartet rehearses and do the quartet bookkeeping.





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