So . . . .  Where do you like to do your singing?


In front of others - We would love to have your voice with us.  I’m sure we could both learn from one another.


Alone -I like to sing alone, too, because no one is there to judge me.  That’s how I feel when I sing with the Racing City Chorus.  We have pure beginners with no musical experience to the very talented, but the nice thing is we all get better together.  We even give you learning tracks with your part on one side and the other three parts in the other so you can balance it however you want and sing whenever you want.  So, it’s fun.


Here is the beauty of joining RCC as expressed by a member, Norm Mendenhall:


“If you want to sing for yourself – YOU CAN


If you want to sing for others – YOU CAN


If you like to go to contests – YOU CAN


If you like to sing in a chorus with lots of other guys – YOU CAN


If you like to sing in just four parts with a quartet – YOU CAN


If you want to sing in three choruses and travel hours upon hours doing it– YOU CAN


If singing isn’t as important to you as helping out administratively or behind the scenes – YOU CAN


And, if, along the way, the one you chose at first doesn’t “do it” for you anymore, then switch to something else that does because - YOU CAN


And none of the choices is any better or worse than any other because YOU CAN.  I know of no other organization on the planet that offers you so many choices to whatever tickles your fancy than ours.


Maybe that is why it is so addicting.”   Norm



The singing and friendship are such a change of pace from the daily grind.  Come and check it out for a night and see how much fun it really is.


We meet on Tuesday nights at the PBA Clubhouse 5 Blivens Way Saratoga Springs, NY  12866 at 7:30.  We would be happy to share a ride with you and pick you up.  No pressure – just fun.  Call us at 518-504-SING (7464).



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